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A Common Man’s Guide to Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure

Introduction to Nose Job

Nose job which is commonly known as “Rhinoplasty” in the medical field is a corrective plastic surgery to restructure or reshape the nose and make it look good and fitting to the entire face.

The surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon having years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and especially Rhinoplasty. The surgeon takes into account various factors before deciding on the path to achieve the desired results.

Since nose is the first thing that everybody notices about any person, it should be carefully operated upon to achieve perfection. Slightest mistakes on the part of the surgeon will leave a permanent damage or scar on the face of the person and probably affecting his personality forever.

Any humps, bumps or deviations in the nose can be corrected with a nasal surgery. The surgery will help the person to look at his best and will lead him to greater opportunities in career, relationships and life.


Who Can Undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a safe cosmetic procedure where the surgeon makes incisions on the columella and accesses the interior regions of the nose to make the corrections. However, children are advised against choosing to go through nasal surgery as their body is still in the growth phase and their organs have not yet reached their full shape and size.

Looking beautiful and attractive is important to almost all people in the world. But this sometimes becomes an obsession in the teenage girls who want to be perfect in all ways. They also want to emulate their favorite celebrities by having bodily features like them. We find this very common with people who style their hair just like their favorite celebrity does.

Teenage girls are highly obsessed with getting the perfect nose and other facial features resembling a Barbie. This unhealthy ever-present desire leads them to extreme measure and wanting to go through surgery. The experienced surgeons will deny operating on the teenagers and recommend them to wait until they are adults.

Men and women of all age and racial background can have a Rhinoplasty procedure carried out on them. It is completely safe if proper precautions are taken and the surgery is done by a highly reputed and experienced surgeon.

People who want to change the appearance of their nose or smooth out the humps and bumps usually go for this surgery. This surgery is also recommended for those who are suffering from respiratory related diseases and health issues.

Anomalies Corrected by Nose Operation

Expenses Involved in Rhinoplasty Surgery

The surgery costs vary widely throughout the world. Geographical location of the surgical facility will determine if you pay more or less. If you opt for the surgery in a metropolitan city you will pay more for the health services.

The experience of the surgeon and many other factors play a role in deciding the total expenses incurred in the nose surgery.

Generally a Rhinoplasty surgery will cost in the range of $7500 to $10000. Any emergency procedure or other unforeseen contingencies will lead to an additional cost.

An overview of the breakdown of expenses is given below

Financing the Nose Job

Rhinoplasty surgery can be taxing for many people. The patient has to schedule in advance the time that will be taken for the preparation of the surgery, actual surgery and the recovery phase. There are also chances of expenses going beyond the budget. It is wise to keep a buffer stock of funds safely so that all such emergencies can be met easily.

The health insurance providers usually do not cover the cosmetic surgeries under their policies. The terms and conditions and the clauses differ with every company. The patient is required to do a thorough check on what procedures are covered and what expenses should be borne by him.

It is advisable to check the currency fluctuations of the country you are choosing to have your Rhinoplasty surgery done. Sometimes a sudden fluctuation may lead to an increase or decrease in your overall costs.

The banks may provide personal loans for such surgeries. But usually they come with high interest rates and debt to be borne by the patient in the future. It is advisable to save up and use that for funding your surgery.


Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty

Patients often come across these two terms and wonder what they mean and how the surgery is performed. Rhinoplasty is usually done with open procedures. But sometimes the surgeon may decide on using the closed techniques.

The decision is left solely to the surgeon’s preferences. Although he may explain the reasons for choosing one method over the other it would be apt for the patient to accept what the surgeon suggests.

Open Rhinoplasty is one where the incisions are made on the columella and the overlaying skin is raised. The surgeon is able to have complete visual access to the internal structure of the nose. He has greater degree of perfection with this technique. The rest of the procedure regarding corrective measures remains the same.

The scars are visible for a few days after surgery. Full recovery and complete fading of stitches and scars will take at least a year.

In the closed Rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon does not cut along the columella. He makes the incisions inside the nostrils and makes the corrections. This procedure requires a highly experienced surgeon as it is tricky to work in enclosed spaces with little hand movement. Moreover, there is no full visibility of the nasal structure. The surgeon has to be very careful while operating the nose.

The plus point of this is the healing will be faster and there will be no visible scars or stitches. The swelling will be less than that of open Rhinoplasty. The recovery will be quicker when compared to the prior and the patient can enjoy early results.


Closing Words on Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a safe surgery performed by thousands of surgeons around the world. Patients from all over the world with varied ethnic and racial differences have gone through the surgery and are now enjoying the benefits of a straighter nose profile with aesthetically good looks.

Rhinoplasty has been able to give a new hope for many people who were highly conscious about their looks in the social circle and who often felt embarrassed because of their nose. The change brought from the nose job creates a positive chain reaction in all areas of their life and they find their overall life improving in a great way.


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